Gordon McComb, Writer and Editor

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I've been writing for computer magazines since the 1970s, with how-to articles in such nascent publications as Creative Computing, Byte Magazine, and 80 Micro. (And yes, these make me feel very old!)

Since then, I've written for dozens of other publications, including: Popular Science, PC World, PC Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, MacWorld, MacUser, Video Magazine, OMNI, Laptop, The Family Handyman, Computer Buyer's Guide, and many more.

For much of the 1980s I wrote numerous pieces for Popular Science as one of their principle freelancers on computing topics.

I've been a long-term contributing editor to several magazines. I was one of the original contributing editors to MacWorld; for years I wrote long-running columns for Popular Electronics, Income Opportunities, and SERVO magazine.

For 13 years I wrote a nationally syndicated newspaper column on computing topics for Copley News Service.

Folks would madly rush to read my column (I'm quite sure of it), then use it to line their cat litter box. It reached several million readers weekly, not including the cats.

From 1983 to 1993 I was West Coast Editor to Computer Buyer's Guide & Handbook, PC Upgrade, and Laptop magazines. For these I contributed hundreds of features, reviews, and editorials. I also served as founding managing editor to PC Upgrade, the first US periodical devoted entirely to building and maintaining PC computers.

And more:

  • Everyday science explained (Mechanix Illustrated, Science & Mechanics)
  • Film and video making (Lens, Video, Moving Image, Super 8 Film Maker, Millimeter)
  • Making money with computers (Income Opportunities; regular column)
  • Robotics and electronics (Nuts & Volts, SERVO, Modern Electronics, Radio-Electronics)
  • Home improvement (Popular Science, Family Handyman)

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