Gordon McComb, Writer and Editor

Editorial Roles

long-term contributor & columnist jobs

Since 1981 I've served in various editorial capacities for magazines and other outlets, from your basic freelancer, to columnist, to industry analyst, to highfalutin' managing editor. All have been telecommuting positions, and some have been salaried.

So here's a partial list of the editorial roles I've had in working with various nationally distributed magazines, and a few other notable editorial roles I've served. Some of these are long gone (hopefully not my doing!), some are ongoing still, but all were great experiences.

Regular contributor:

  • Popular Science
  • Radio-Electronics
  • Electronic Games
  • PC Retailing
  • Creative Computing

Contributing Editor:

  • MacWorld
  • Video Magazine
  • SERVO Magazine (columnist)
  • Popular Electronics (columnist)
  • Income Opportunities (columnist)
  • New Accountant (computers in accountancy, columnist)
  • Lens (professional photography and video, columnist)
  • WordPerfect Magazine (columnist)
  • Copley News Service (weekly columnist)

West Coast Editor:

  • Computer Buyer's Guide & Handbook
  • PC Upgrade
  • Laptop

Managing Editor:

  • PC Upgrade


  • toExcel - Acquisitions Editor & Consultant
  • Paul Kagan Associates - Associate Analyst

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