Gordon McComb, Writer and Editor

Save Time With Easy Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Posted on December 10

I swear, sometimes I think I'm living in the days of manual typewriters, overused carbon paper, and crusted over bottles of Liquid Paper.

I recently polled some writer friends and asked what kind of shortcuts they used while working in their word processor. I don't mean spell checking or basic manuscript formatting, but automatically typing common text, or changing the way Word inserts symbols, quotes, and other characters.

Only one of my friends even knew what I meant; the rest simply started the program, and then typed on the keys.

Hep' me!

If You Have a Computer for Writing, Use It!

Some writers don't like getting caught up in the mechanics of writing. If it gets too complicated it wrecks their creative flow. That's okay, except using Word's basic automation tools isn't at all complicated, certainly no more than first learning how to double-click on desktop icons in Windows.

Microsoft Word has a trio of handy shortcut features that - taken together - can trim minutes off your daily writing time. Over a week or a month, the time savings really start to add up.

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