Gordon McComb, Writer and Editor

About Gordon McComb

Best-selling author, editor, and technology consultant

My name is Gordon McComb. I'm a writer and editor based in Southern California.

I've written over 65 books and thousands of magazine articles and newspaper columns during my 36 years as a professional author. More than a million copies of my books are in print, in over a dozen languages.

For 13 years I wrote a weekly syndicated newspaper column on computers, which reached several million readers nationwide. I've been a contributing editor to numerous magazines, such as Popular Science, on computer and technology topics. I've written technical documentation on a diverse range of topics, including electronics, broadcast video equipment, and manufacturing processes. Other writing specialties include business topics, photography, video, and everyday science.

In addition to writing, I specialize in something called document automation, where I help writers and other users of word processors do more work in less time. My consulting clients have included Microsoft, Technicolor, Adobe Systems, Verizon, US Internal Revenue Service, and law firms, large and small.

I live and work in the coastal town of Oceanside, California with my wife of 37 years, and my trusty dog Rubie.

Hobbies include enjoying my grand kids, playing with robotics -I'm the author of the best-selling Robot Builder's Bonanza, and I've been called the "Father of Hobby Robotics." by Make Magazine.

When not writing or consulting, I like watching imported British TV shows (Foyle's War is a current favorite), and listening to "space age" retro lounge music streamed from Kansas Public Radio.